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Sample Units
Sample Units
Serial Number ApplicantCategory and Featured Productsi
1 1-New Asia 20: China Textile City Kuankuan Decorative Fabric F05061 Polyester Pocketing (Fine Cloth)
2 5-1-South 5 F05031 Rayon Lining
3 5-1-South 5:Huahui Textile Co., Ltd. F05041 Nylon Lining
4 5-1-South 7:Shaoxing County Lilong Textile Co., Ltd. M01191 Pure Cotton Velvet(96*102)
5 North 5-1-South 18+1 M03151 Taslon (228t)
6 5-1-1087 M03442 Polyester Coral Fleece (Dyed)
7 5-1-1077,1078:Wanguan Textile M03271 Polyester Gold Printing Cloth (3 yuan/m)
8 5-1-1131 M02013 Pure Linen Fabric(10*10 7030 Viscose/Linen)
9 5-1-1141:China Textile City Sincere Warp and Weft Cloth Company M03242 Polyester Mesh Fabric (2*2 Low-elastic Mesh Fabric)
10 5-1-1171 M03411 Polyester Raised Pile Velvet (270g/m2)
11 5-1-1171 M03454 Polyester Golden Velvet(125g/m2)
12 5-1-1183 M01202 Pure Cotton Corduroy(8-stripe)
13 5-1-1182: One Family Cloth Company M01033 Pure Cotton Poplin(133*72)
14 5-1-1193 M03412 Polyester Raised Pile Velvet(24 yuan/kg)
15 5-1-1196 M03402 Polyester Short Plush(Slubbed)
16 5-1-1210 M03502 Polyester Cashmere(Cashmere Looped Velvet)
17 5-1-1209: Sanyou Cloth Company M08021 Polyester/Spandex Raised Pile Velvet(260g-270g/m2)
18 4-3-1026:New Building J04013 Embroidered Curtain(2932)
19 North 5-4-2:China Textile City Wenxin Cloth Co., Ltd. J04012 Embroidered Curtain(2.8 width Blended)
20 5-3-1243: Xinkuangjia Cloth Co., Ltd. J04022 Printed Curtain( Paper Printing(30% Cotton,70% Polyester))
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