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Popular Fabrics  
Popular Fabrics
Serial NumberProduct NameWidth(cm)Specification/WeightPrice
Cationic jacquard curtain fabric 280 830gsm 13.80yuan/m
210T water-jet taffeta 150 50DFDY×63DFDY 2.50yuan/m
Viscose & woolen fabric 150 650gsm 29.80yuan/m
T80/R20 wool- fabric 150 450gsm 14.80yuan/m
T80/R20 wool- fabric 150 450gsm 14.80yuan/m
Polyester knitted polar fleece with both side brush &one side anti-pilling 150 Polyester DTY144F 25.50yuan/kg
T65/R35 serge 150 450gsm 17.80yuan/m
Cotton Reactive Printed Twill Ticking 235 40S×40S、128×68 15.00yuan/m
Double-faced linen pattern embroidered curtain 280 850gsm 22.00yuan/m
240T pongee 150 75DDTY×75DDTY、150×90 4.50yuan/m
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