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 China Textile City News
China Textile City News
The modern textile clothing industry cluster Keqiao District was selected

A few days ago, the list of the first batch of "Made in Zhejiang" provincial-level characteristic industrial cluster core areas was released, and our district's modern textile and clothing industrial clusters were successfully selected.
Keqiao is known as "the city supported by cloth". Relying on the unique advantages of "industry + market" and the comprehensive advantages of the industrial chain, Keqiao has become the textile industry cluster with the most complete textile industry chain, the largest textile production capacity and the largest professional market in the country. Especially in recent years, our district has actively integrated into the "Belt and Road" initiative, deeply implemented the "Silk Road Keqiao • Covering the World" action, accelerated the trial implementation of the two national brand pilots of market procurement trade and cross-border e-commerce, and optimized the world's cloth merchants The General Assembly, Textile Expo and Fashion Week opened and operated the China-Europe Railway Express "Keqiao", and vigorously promoted the pace of "buying the world and selling the world". The online and offline transactions in Young Textile City exceeded 330 billion yuan. At the same time, with the direction of "green high-end, world-leading", fully implement the printing and dyeing agglomeration upgrading project, take the digital reform as the lead, innovate the "printing and dyeing industry brain" and "Zheli engineer" and other scenarios, and release the country's first "copyright AI intelligent review", The establishment of the provincial modern textile technology innovation center will accelerate Keqiao's progress from the world's fabric distribution center to the global fashion innovation source, and realize the leapfrog development from a large textile area to a strong textile area.
Next, our district will focus on the "double carbon" goal and digital empowerment, make good use of the provincial modern textile technology innovation center, deepen the "printing and dyeing industry brain" and "Zheli engineer", and accelerate the forging of modern textile hard core achievements; With the urban market as the core, accelerate the introduction of modern service industries such as e-commerce, creativity, logistics, testing, and finance, and promote the agglomeration and development of modern service industries; seize the "Belt and Road" and RCEP trade dividends, and make full use of the two open pilot projects. Promote the efficient operation of China-Europe trains, continue to optimize the business environment, and strive to build a world-class modern textile industry cluster.

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