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China Textile City News
Autumn Textile Expo will open on November 16

2022 China Shaoxing Keqiao International Textile Expo (Autumn) will be held in Shaoxing International Convention and Exhibition Center from November 16th to 18th, 2022. This year's Autumn Textile Expo will continue to adhere to the theme of "international, fashion, green, high-end" and the concept of "internationalization, specialization, marketization, and informatization", and build a three-dimensional platform for domestic and foreign merchants to promote, display, learn and exchange , to show the world the latest achievements of high-quality development and modernization of Keqiao, the international textile capital.
This year's Autumn Textile Expo has achieved remarkable results. It has not only received strong support from well-known and old-fashioned exhibitors such as Sichuan Chuanmian, Wujiang Hualian, Zhejiang Mulinsen, Buchuang Group, and Zhejiang Kewang Textile, but also attracted many new enterprises to join, textile enterprises The products on display are more abundant and diverse, and jointly promote the development of "technology, fashion and green" in the textile industry.
The reporter learned from the Keqiao District Convention and Exhibition Industry Development Center that the recruitment work has been successfully completed so far. There are a total of 2,100 booths in this autumn textile expo, and a large exhibition and trade platform that runs through the entire industry chain is about to emerge. "The exhibition area of this Autumn Textile Expo has been expanded to 41,000 square meters, and the exhibition area has also been expanded to nine major exhibition areas, which is the largest in history." The relevant person in charge of the Keqiao District Convention and Exhibition Industry Development Center said that by then, the exhibition will be held in Area B 1 There are six exhibition areas: textile fabric exhibition area, fashion design exhibition area, clothing exhibition area, service trade exhibition area, "Science and Technology China" textile science and technology achievement exhibition area, and "Keqiao Optimum" achievement static exhibition area. There are three major exhibition areas: industrial exhibition area, textile machinery exhibition area and finishing exhibition area, and a "Digital Textile Expo" live broadcast area will be set up at the exhibition site in Hall 1, Area B.
"On the basis of connecting the upstream and downstream channels of China Unicom, the Textile Expo this year will take advantage of the trend through more 'practical tricks' to expand the industrial boundaries, and the development ideas of the whole industry chain will be clearer." Keqiao District Convention and Exhibition Industry Development Center related The person in charge said that the Keqiao Textile Expo, which is rooted in China Textile City, will continue to gather the majestic forces inside and outside the industry, establish an industry vane, and boost the industry cycle.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Source: Keqiao Daily

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