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China Textile City News
Cheer for the Olympics! Keqiao sports fabric innovation upgrading are progress

At present, the Tokyo Olympics are in full swing. In the past few days, the performance of the Chinese team affects the hearts of everyone in the country. For the textile industry, the textile elements presented in the Olympics are also the focus of industry enterprises. With the rise of national sports brands, more and more "Made in China" appeared in the Olympic venues. In this Olympics, Anta and Li Ning represented national sports brands to go out to help Chinese athletes achieve great results with scientific and technologically solid Olympic competition equipment.
The athletes sweated like rain, worked hard, and lived up to expectations. There was a sports boom outside the stadium. National brand sportswear swept the market, cheering for the Chinese team. To release the passion of sports, a good set of sportswear is indispensable, and the fabric is particularly important as the basic element of clothing. In recent years, with the rise of national sports and fitness styles, Keqiao, as a "fabric kingdom", has entered the field of sports fabrics with forward-looking layouts and innovative concepts. The perfect combination of fashion makes sports fabrics gradually evolve from niche categories to popular demand.
A strong body is the backbone of a family that can stand upright, the soul of a clan that never ceases, and a solid and powerful backing for a country. The Tokyo Olympics is about to come to an end. Our country's outstanding performance at the top of the list for many consecutive days has ignited a sense of national pride and has also pushed national sports and fitness to a climax. As a "world leisure city" and "National Sports Industry Demonstration Base", Keqiao is making every effort to promote the deep integration of sports and leisure business with Keqiao textile industry. Fashionable and comfortable sports fabrics will be promising in the future, injecting new vitality into the high-quality development of Keqiao textile .

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