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 China Textile City News
China Textile City News
World Cloth Merchants Conference won the honor, polished opened high-end gold business card

In recent years, Keqiao District has given full play to the global representative textile industry cluster and the advantages of China’s 100 billion textile industry cluster, vigorously develops the textile fashion creative industry, and implements the "Silk Road Keqiao • Cover the World" action to continue to promote modern textiles With the high-quality development of the industry, its market influence and voice in the global textile industry have continued to increase.
Data shows that China Textile City has a daily passenger flow of 100,000 people, and its products are exported to 192 countries and regions. The annual turnover has exceeded 200 billion yuan. Nearly a quarter of the world's textile products are traded here.
Based on the purpose of "Win-Win Cooperation and Responsible Development", the World Cloth Merchant Conference has been successfully held for three times. Not only is it diverse in form and rich in content, it has also achieved a number of fruitful achievements such as the establishment of the "World Cloth Merchants Conference Council", the launch of the "Silk Road Keqiao • Covering the World" plan, the release of the "World Cloth Merchant Declaration" and the docking of high-quality international capacity The results have built a more orderly, innovative, collaborative and open new pattern for the world's textile industry, and won wide recognition from insiders and outsiders.
The World Cloth Merchants Conference has become a golden business card and a new "IP" of fashion city created by the textile capital Keqiao. "We will carefully prepare for this industry event, centering on the themes of'digital empowerment', carbon peaking and carbon neutrality', high-standard theme conferences, round tables, green standards and other activities will be held to comprehensively promote the innovation and development of the global textile industry , Lay a solid foundation for the development of the industry during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, and make a good start and start well in the great changes unseen in a century." said the relevant person in charge of the China Textile City Construction Management Committee.

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