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China Textile City News
Accelerate the agglomeration of printing dyeing industries to create modern industrial clusters

Yesterday morning, the deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor Sheng Yuechun emphasized when carrying out the "three services" in our district that we must adhere to the principle of "being the first to go out of the way of making a strong city with wisdom and nirvana", and solidly promote printing and dyeing. Cross-regional agglomeration and upgrading of industries, and strive to create traditional industrial transformation and upgrading version 2.0, inject strong impetus to promote the high-quality development of the city's economy.
City and district leaders Shao Quanmao, Chen Hao and Fang Youyou attended.
Keqiao Binhai Industrial Zone is the undertaking ground for the cross-regional agglomeration and upgrading of the printing and dyeing industry, and the relocation project is under construction in full swing. Sheng Yuechun and his entourage came to the construction sites of five printing and dyeing group projects, including Feiyue, National Week, Seven Color Rainbow, Longxiang, and Hongda, to learn more about the progress of the project, inquire about existing problems, and put forward specific requirements. Seeing the workers braving the rain to construct in an orderly and orderly manner, he highly affirmed and encouraged relevant companies to keep a close eye on their goals and enthusiasm. On the basis of keeping the safety bottom line, scientifically arrange the construction sequence, actively mobilize all forces, and increase the project. Push forward, and strive to be completed and put into production as soon as possible to form advanced productivity. At the same time, he asked relevant departments to increase service awareness, improve service levels, and improve roads, water supply, power supply, gas supply and other facilities, promptly help solve the practical difficulties encountered by enterprises, and provide a powerful way to complete the agglomeration and upgrading of the printing and dyeing industry with high quality and high efficiency.
Sheng Yuechun presided over a symposium, listened to work reports, and studied and coordinated related matters. He pointed out that the implementation of the cross-regional agglomeration and upgrading project of traditional industries such as printing, dyeing and chemical industry is of great significance to building a symbolic industrial chain and enhancing the comprehensive economic strength of the city. All relevant departments at all levels must further unify their thinking, take the overall situation into consideration, and work hard. Strive for practical results, resolutely fight the tough battle for the agglomeration and upgrading of the printing and dyeing industry, and provide a "Shaoxing model" for the transformation and upgrading of version 2.0 of the province's traditional industries. He emphasized that it is necessary to focus on innovation and leadership, center on the goal of "creating a national-level printing and dyeing industry innovation center", give full play to the leading role of leading enterprises, continue to increase the recruitment of high-quality projects and high-end teams, and deepen and refine the article "Strong chain, supplement chain and extend chain". , Continue to enhance the core competitiveness of the printing and dyeing industry. It is necessary to closely follow the "green high-end, world-leading" positioning, strictly implement the environmental protection access mechanism, strongly promote the elimination of backward production capacity, and inject "green genes" into the development of the printing and dyeing industry. It is necessary to follow the trend of digital transformation, explore the construction of the brains of the printing and dyeing industry, vigorously expand the industrial Internet, artificial intelligence and other scenarios, build more smart factories, digital workshops, and use digitalization to empower enterprises to develop high-quality and build new advantages in industrial development.

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