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Explore the "university-learning-enterprise" coordination mechanism to cultivate creative talents textile clothing

Recently, the first "Rhyme of Warp and Weft" student creative design practice activity of the Textile and Fashion College of Shaoxing University of Arts and Sciences was launched, and the "Project Driven Innovation Creative Design Exhibition", "Non-Genetic Inheritance and Creative Design Practice Experience", "Creative Design Practice and Wonderful Life" series of activities. This is the school’s textile and apparel college relying on the Shaoxing Textile and Apparel Creativity and Design Industry College, the knitted textile creative design and engineering practice education base to enhance the connotation construction, explore and improve the college-learning-enterprise tripartite cooperative education mechanism, and promote the deep integration of school and enterprise. It is an attempt to explore and practice a new way of educating people, and is committed to cultivating more creative and innovative talents in textiles and garments, and helping Shaoxing Keqiao build a new era of international textile capital.
The "Project Driven" innovative and creative design exhibition exhibited more than 120 pieces of creative design works such as tie-dyeing, embroidery and calligraphy. The works are developed around the two themes of "anti-epidemic and clean culture", mainly from the courses of "Hand Printing and Dyeing Techniques" and "Hand Embroidery" and some students' innovative creative practice projects.
"Hand Printing and Dyeing Techniques" was lectured by teacher Yu Bo from the College of Textiles and Clothing. It mainly introduces tie-dyeing and batik dyeing, which are two kinds of handmade techniques with unique artistic style and strong national charm. The course "Hand Embroidery" is a school-wide public elective course taught by Teacher Zeng Zhen. It is reported that the curriculum teaching reform projects "Knitwear Hand Printing and Dyeing Creative Design and Practice" and "Apparel Handicraft Course Online Resource Construction" hosted by the two teachers have been included in the Zhejiang University Students' Off-campus Practice Construction Base (Knitting Textile Creative Design and Engineering Practice education base) connotation construction project. "The project-driven open creative design project and the exhibition of works are not only an affirmation for us, but also an encouragement!" said Wu Haiming, the first prize winner in the event.
It is worth noting that the tie-dyed fabrics are a charity sale, and all the proceeds from the sale will be donated to the college's charity platform "Yinuo Foundation". Student Li Ruipeng said that the activity is very meaningful. You can not only appreciate the excellent works and experience it, but you can also show love and get more.

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