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China Textile City News
More than 70 creative activities 6 sections, Keqiao Fashion Week shows new vitality

The 8th Keqiao Fashion Week of 2020, with the theme of "Fashion source and Innovation Place", came to a successful conclusion in Shaoxing, Zhejiang.
Brand conference, "Keqiao optimization" live, design communication, design, fashion design exhibition events, "Milan, Keqiao pavilion" six big plate opening activities, more than 70 fashion creative activity, the integration of online and offline double channel, the concentrated fashion week shows the outbreak period very Keqiao fruitful results in fashion service transformation. It also shows the determination, courage and attitude of Keqiao fashion as well as the inner driving force of Keqiao fashion development.
In the Oriental Milan international fashion release center held a number of brand show on this fashion week is a gorgeous and smart fusion of landscape.
To "have a limitless environment, it is" as the theme of the launch of show focus on the "new fashion, new fashion, a new custom", by the Zhejiang Huida textile and garment co., LTD., Homer co., LTD., Shaoxing Boya clothing co., LTD. Three Keqiao joint local companies at home and abroad well-known excellent designers, from "wisdom, international, fashion" three dimensions, blends together the eastern aesthetics and western classical essence, in the traditional character and do not break the modern style of match well of Chinese and western art perfect interpretation of fashion innovation, limitless wisdom of fashion, fashionable new definition, transmit a prospective, cutting-edge design philosophy and fashion trend direction.
With the rise of live streaming, the first VFM international fashion anchor Competition appeared in Keqiao Fashion Week for the first time this year, which helped enterprises quickly integrate into the current new consumption and new retail system, accelerated the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and the cultivation and introduction of emerging industries, and helped Keqiao textile fashion industry to enhance its industrial discourse power.
In addition, during fashion week, four days, 50 "Keqiao optimization" TV program in China light textile city international fabrics purchasing center, north union market and new clothing market continues, fabric, home textile, garment 3 big category, precision docking, "cloud" of the supply chain for KeQiao new textile enterprises to expand sales channels, establish KeQiao industry new cognitive quality, create "KeQiao optimization" regional brand new image.
Up to the 8th session, Keqiao Fashion Week not only fully demonstrates the innovative vitality of Keqiao fashion design under the "integration of industry and city", but also strives to create fashion ecology with keqiao textile and local brands blossoming in fashion trend, technological innovation, industrial docking, digital commerce and other fields.

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