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China Textile City News
 Cultural Innovation enables Keqiao Textile - Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee Publicity Department investigated Changfa International Fashion Center

On July 22, Wang Junyin, Director of the Cultural Development and Reform Division of the Propaganda Department of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and a first-level investigator, visited Changfa International Fashion Center to investigate the development of Keqiao's cultural industry and empower Changfa International with cultural innovation. The high-quality development model has been fully affirmed and appreciated. Cai Man, Executive Deputy General Manager of Changfa International, and the project team gave a reception and explanation.
This year's sudden epidemic has accelerated the development of the online live broadcast industry. On the first floor of the Changfa International Fashion Center, 6 professional Internet celebrity live broadcast rooms are conducting 24-hour live streaming with goods. Wang Junyin and his entourage watched the live broadcast of textile and apparel and other related products with great interest, and had a detailed understanding of the live broadcast process, technology, and effects. Upon learning that Changfa International will build a 4,000-square-meter Internet celebrity live incubation base on the third floor, Wang Junyin affirmed Changfa International’s active response to market demand and broadening marketing channels, and emphasized the need to do a good job in management to avoid quality problems.
At the Global Central Procurement Center on the fourth floor of the Changfa International Fashion Center, Wang Junyin and his party learned that the global centralized procurement center, as a professional order matching platform, is the "core" of the closed loop of the Changfa International Express Supply Chain, and plays an important role in the entire industrial chain. effect. He encouraged Changfa to build on the advantages of Keqiao’s culture and textile industry, use big data to help transform and upgrade Keqiao’s traditional industries, and use fashionable and personalized designs to drive Keqiao’s fabrics all over the world.

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