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 China Textile City News
China Textile City News
New business patterns were released to promote the market Clothing &Accessories Market

Recently, according to the information from China Textile City Clothing &Accessories Market, new business patterns of embroidered cloth and flannelette were released to subdivide the market. Until now, more than 200 business houses opened to welcome the guest.
Known as a new pattern of embroidered cloth, the shop has officially opened on February 18th. The main varieties are sequin embroidery, cotton embroidery and flat embroidery. The products are exported to the Middle East market. "Yu Zhiyan, person in charge of" Shuangdi Embroidery ", told reporters that many new and old customers have come to discuss business in the past few days. They will also continue to develop new products to better" internal skills "and open up more markets.
It is reported that the China Textile City clothing and apparel market relies on the "China Textile City" brand advantage and is committed to creating a large-scale integrated department store market for fashion consumption. The first floor is currently divided into AB clothing area and DE home textile area. In order to promote China Merchants Long City, starting from October last year, the market launched new business types such as embroidery and flannel for the first-floor home textile area. A joint investment team was also set up to make full use of the characteristics of the decoration and re-rental of the light textile market. The market investment invitation work has far exceeded expectations. As of now, more than 200 business houses have officially opened in the DE area on the first floor of the market, and all have signed two-year leases.
In order to make the market bigger and stronger, the person in charge of China Textile City's clothing and apparel market stated that the next step will be to increase advertising efforts in the new format and increase market awareness; to do a good job in supporting services and continuously optimize the decoration approval procedures for business households; Do a good job of the landscape lighting project on the first and second floors of the market; plan to set up fixed loading and unloading points, roll-up points, and yard cloth areas, etc., to further develop the apparel and apparel market into a comprehensive textile professional market.

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