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Environmental pressure will eliminate some small enterprises benefit large printing dyeing enterprises

divspan style=color: #222222 the past two years, several national environmental protection policies are introduced, government’s supervision of environmental protection has been strengthened, enterprises with unqualified environmental protection measures are required to stop production, which accelerated the reshuffle of the printing dyeing additive industry. With the development of printing dyeing industry, lots of additive production enterprises appeared Shishi, Shaoxing Xiaoshan. /span/div div /div divspan style=color: #222222According to/spanspan style=color: #222222the sampling of additive production enterprises, qualification rate is low. Only 43 of more than 70 additive enterprises are qualified Keqiao District./span  /div div /div divspan style=color: #222222"Even some old medium-sized printing dyeing additive business have operational difficulties." An industry expert said, “The news of the shutdown came from .Dongtai Chemical Co., Ltd. of Jiangsu Province at the end of last year.” Dongtai Chemical is a 50-year old plant, which is the skeleton enterprise fatty alcohol textile additive industry was also named the national high-tech enterprises 2012./span/div div /div divspan style=color: #222222"The current survival for small-scale additive enterprises is more difficult, the future the competition of textile additive industry will be positioned the high-end market, environment-friendly technology high value-added functional products." A manufacturer from additives enterprise said.  According to the interview, most of the additives production enterprises locate the chemical park, carry out the enterprise-park two levels of "three wastes" governance supervision. Some of the park can really achieve zero discharge of wastewater, but it virtually increase the cost of business, some companies can only be out because of unbearable difficulties./span/div div /div divspan style=color: #222222Industry experts said an interview, printing dyeing additive industry’s needs mainly come from textile printing dyeing, the development of textile industry is helpful to increase the demand for domestic printing dyeing additives. According to the national industrial textiles" second five "development plan, "dyeing finishing" technology will become one of the key points of development adjustment. “With the improvement of technological content green barriers, it’s expected that the domestic market competition will transfer to high-end differentiated gradually, printing dyeing additives manufacturers a leading position will get larger space for developments with their advantages scale, technology environmental protection./span/div div /div divspan style=color: #222222Downstream printing dyeing factories are still dispersed current China, relatively, the textile additive industry will concentrated on leading enterprises with advantages of technology services.  " particular, companies such asTransfer Chemical, Zhejiang Longsheng, etc. will expand the market because of their technological advantage early investment environmental protection, finally clean up the mixed dyeing finishing additive market." Industry experts said, "When dyeing additive production mainly concentrate large medium-sized enterprises, unqualified clothing such as bad color fastness other issues will be sharply reduced. "/span/div

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