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With these technologies, hemp industry China is sight of springs

divspan style=color: #222222The hemp is a true "green fiber", not only because "environment-friendly" is achieved from the planting, cultivation, processing other sectors, but also because that hemp has high moisture perspiration, natural bacterinertness, excellent adsorption, Anti-ultraviolet unique absorption of wave muffler. The excellent performance of hemp products is being flavored by more more consumers, it can be said that the spring of hemp industry is coming./span/div div /div divspan style=color: #222222At present, Chinas textile industry has developed a number of advanced key technologies for the industrialization of hemp. order to promote the transformation of scientific technological achievements, build a new platform for industry technology exchange, on December 14, China Textile Industry Federation of Science Technology Development Department, China Bast Leaf Textile Industry Association Textile Vision Science ; Technology Education Fund held a promotion activity called “key technologies applications for industrialization of hemp” Jiayu County, Hubei Province./span/div div /div divspan style=color: #222222Central Military Commission of the Ministry of Logistics Military Equipment Research Institute has started researches for hemp industry as early as 2003, Sheng Yijian shared the experiences of hemp research development at the meeting./span/div div /div divspan style=color: #222222First, persist innovation of science technology to promote the development of hemp industry actively steadily. Scientific technological innovation is the source of industrial development, is also a national strategy./span/div div /div divspan style=color: #222222Second, combine production research to make hemp industry bigger stronger. According to the practice of Central Military Commission Logistics Department of military equipment research institute, the research of hemp adhered to the needs traction, collaborative innovation industrial development at the very beginning. Under the demands of military civilian high-performance fiber functional textile, combined with science technology research institutions, the institute promotes the hemp science technology to industrialization together with the Younger Group other domestic enterprises./span/div div /div divspan style=color: #222222Third, persist the supply side reformation, to achieve the sustainable development of hemp industry. /span/div div /div divspan style=color: #222222The meeting also invited Dr. Hao Xinmin from the Central Military Commission of the Ministry of Logistics Equipment Military Quartermaster Equipment Research Institute Gao Mingzhai, general manager of Wuhan Hemp Biotechnology Co., Ltd.,  Ji Guomiao, chairman of Guimaraes Clothing Design Co., Ltd., Wang Qingmiao from Younger Group Co., Ltd., Engineers Zhang Yue from Knight Textile Co., Ltd., Zhou Wenguo, Deputy General Manager of Vosges Group Co., Ltd., to promote for the innovation fiber processing, textile processing, clean production, product development other aspects recent years./span/div

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