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How can textile enterprises seek development opportunity by improving “big quality” the current industry circumstance ?

divspan style=font-size: 11ptfont size=2The overall situation of China’s economic operation is going into a new normal of slowdown restructuring from past high-speed growth. Economic slowdown brought some adverse effects to China’s textile industry. However, after some actual visiting, we found that not all of the textile enterprises are slumped. Although faced with great market pressure, there are still lots of textile enterprises with good operating condition steady economic benefits. So we can see opportunities challenges coexist. The most basic most important way for enterprises to get rid of difficulties is to carry out “three-i” strategy increase varieties, improve quality, invent brands. /font/span/div divfont size=2 /font/div divspan style=font-size: 11pt; color: #222222font size=2Sun Huaibin, vice president of China Textile Industry Federation, pointed out that the "three-i" strategy was brought out the premise of “supply-side” reform policy. the long term, supply-side reform is to improve the quality efficiency increase the flexibility adaptability of supplying. It can meet the current demand-side requirements, meanwhile guide the formation of new demand-side. The "three-i" strategy is one of the important ways to implement supply-side reform the field of consumer goods."/font/span/div divfont size=2 /font/div divspan style=font-size: 11pt; color: #222222font size=2He pointed out that the "three-i" strategy should be promoted from the reality, we must combine the current status of the industry to explore a practical path. terms of improving varieties, more research should be made market fashion trends, which plays an important role guiding the consumers’ demands. At the same time, textile enterprises should increase product development efforts to rich product mix. terms of improving quality, we should raise the quality improvement to a strategic height, to guide our practical action. terms of inventing brands, China Textile Industry Federation has summed up the "four one" policy during the "Twelfth Five-Year" period, which is quality first, followed by innovation, then rapid response, finally social responsibility. New brands should be created under the guidance of this brand values./font/span/div divfont size=2 /font/div divspan style=font-size: 11pt; color: #222222font size=2Chinas textile industry ranked the forefront of the world, with the increase of labor cost environmental pressure, Chinas textile industry must be transformed from labor-intensive to technology-intensive./font/span/div divspan style=font-size: 11pt; color: #222222font size=2Sun Huaibin emphasized that Chinas textile garment industry should establish a "quality first" strategic concept the strategic level, carry forward the spirit of artisans to pursue excellence delicacy. /font/span/div divspan style=font-size: 11pt; color: #222222br / font size=2It is reported that order for Chinas textile enterprises to achieve standardization, normalization internationalization as soon as possible, China Textile Industry Federation launched the publicity training of "High Performance Evaluation Guidelines". order to continuously improve the quality of enterprise management level, /font/span/div divspan style=font-size: 11pt; color: #222222font size=2The federation hires industry-certified authoritative experts to provide diagnostic advisory services for textile enterprises the publicizing, training, assessment of the process. /font/span/div

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