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Trade mark for “High-quality knitting apparel and accessories” launched, Shenzhou and Jifu among the first identified enterprises

Press conference of launching the Trade mark for “High-quality knitting apparel and accessories” held on 12 Oct, created by China Knitting Industry Association.
The event is intending to help consumers to identify high-quality knitting apparel products and brands rapidly through the third-party testing and industry supervision, and help the industry to enrich and refine products range, improve product quality, promote the quality upgrade of knitting apparel and accessories, and to break the mode of “one product different quality home and abroad”. Knitting baby apparel & accessories and knitted children’s clothing become the first identified products, and industry leaders Ningbo Shenzhou Knitting Co., Ltd and Qingdao Jifa Group are approved for the first identified enterprises.
It is understood that the national standard or industry-standard product quality grade is divided into high-quality products, first-class goods and qualified goods. High-quality products target the highest, first-class products second and the lowest qualified products. Currently most products on the market are qualified ones, only parts of brand enterprises use first-class products, and few enterprises use high-quality products. Trade mark for “High-quality knitting apparel and accessories” requires the products must meet the requirement of the national standards, industry standards or groups of excellent standards for high-quality target. For example, in addition to meet requirements for environmental protection, safety indicators such as heavy metals, rope in GB31701-2015 "infant and children's textile product safety technical specifications", infants and children’s knitting apparel must meet demands of color fastness and washing size change rate for high-quality products in FZ/T73025 “infants and children’s knitting apparel and accessories”.
Vice president of China Textile Industry Federation and China Knitting Industry Association Yang Jizhao said in his speech that exports in knitted industry in 2015 reaches to more than 98 billion US dollars, accounting for 35% of the textile industry's overall exports, and accounting for about 12% of the total global textile trade volume. Such a large amount of volume shows that the overall quality of the knitting industry is stable, and the order volume is recognition from the global market for China's knitting industry. However, domestic consumers are still keen to buy products from abroad, but not want to buy the same-quality or even better-quality domestic products. China Knitting Industry Association hopes that the promotion of trade mark of “high-quality knitting apparel and accessories” can help the consumers to establish enough confidence for domestic brand. He also said that the next step in trademark recognition will be in the bra and underwear industry.

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