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China’s textile exports drop 0.7% in H1, apparel exports drop 1.7% in H1

Data released by Customs General Administration shows that China’s imports and exports value in June is 337,487 million USD, rises 5.1% MOM and falls 1.2% YOY. Total imports and exports value from January to June is 1,880,775 million USD, drops 6.9% YOY. In June, China’s exports value of yarns, textiles and textile products is 9,468 million USD and imports value is 1,683 million USD; exports value of apparel and apparel accessories reaches to 15,881 million USD.
In H1 2015, China’s total exports and imports value is 1,880,715 million USD, decreases by 6.9% YOY. Exports value is 1,072,011 million USD, increases by 1.0% YOY; imports value is 808,764 million USD, decreases by 15.5% YOY; trade surplus is 263,247 million USD.
In H1 2015, China’s total exports of yarn, textiles and textile products is 52,912 million USD, fall 0.7% from last year; total imports is 9,663 million USD, decrease by 5.2% YOY. Total exports of apparel and apparel accessories is 75,468 million USD, decrease by 4.7% YOY.
In the first half of 2015, China’s exports had an obvious increase and China achieved significant results in trade partners’ diversification. China’s bilateral trade with US, ASEAN and India increased by 4%, 1.6% and 1.1% respectively. Exports to ASEAN, India, Latin America and Africa increased by 9.5%, 10.7%, 3.7% and 12.9% respectively. In addition, exports to along the “one belt one way” countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, Israel and Egypt all increased by over 17%.

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