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Innovative Release Improve the Influential Power of the Index

------Overview of China•Keqiao Textile Index in 2011
Until now, China•Keqiao Textile Index called “Dow Jones Index” by the textile tradespersons has released 199 pieces of price index, 47 general prosperity index and 47 foreign trade prosperity index and foreign trade price index. The index makes the reference for the enterprise’s operation and the governmental decision effectively, and is concerned by more and more enterprises and social communities. At present, the departments up to the general office of the state council to the economical and financial department at all levels treat Keqiao textile index as an important basis for decision-making. The role of “the barometer of Chinese textile products” is being concerned by more people.

more than 1000 new information collecting stops, above 1600 kinds of new representative products

Accuracy, typicalness, timeliness and instructiveness are the main characters of the index. At the beginning of every year, the staff of the index office will make an survey on the market completely and timely adjust the collecting stops and the representative products. Since the market expansion, the index added more than 1000 information collecting stops, over 1600 representative products and 40 enterprises for collection.

In order to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of information collection, the index office strictly follows the three-step index collecting and releasing program of “specially-assigned person collecting market information, examining, verifying and summiting the data intensively, and the formal release by the index construction office”. Now, Keqiao textile index has formed the systematic structure with the three categories of price index, general prosperity index and foreign trade index for the leading and supplemented by confidence index, efficiency index and scale index.

Strengthen the team construction and enhance scientific research cooperation

According to the division of China textile city, the index office set up 15 index collecting groups and hired more than 70 market management persons as the full-time collectors. At the same time, it improved the system of evaluation and incentive. Every year, the activities such as “excellent instructor”, “excellent collector”, and “Top 10 collecting stops” can stimulate collector’s initiative further.

The index office hired six experts and professors from the development and research center of the state council, China business statistics institute, Zhejiang industry and commerce university, Donghua University, Shanghai university of finance and economics and Xiamen University as the advisers on the release of the index. They make the analysis on the index in the theoretical aspect, and regulate the index’s operation scientifically. It improves the capabilities in the independent research and scientific survey, so that the index can better reflect the market and the tendency of the industry.

Use the network comprehensively, improve the influential power of the index

Since micro blog was so popular, Keqiao textile index also opened the micro blog in Sina. In the official blog, the contents such as the real-time quotation of raw material, fabric ranking list, popular fabrics and the latest news about the index attracted many fans’ eyes. At present, more than 1000 people focus on it.

Meanwhile, they also adopted the mass-text sending model to send the appointed people the brief news. By using the brief summary and clear icon, the information was sent to market dealers and buyers. The appointed customers exceed 3000, and it was confirmed and highly appraised by people.

In the electronic screens of the union market, the east market and clothing & fashion accessories (accessories), the related information of Keqiao textile index is displayed repeatedly. In addition, Xinhua news agency, China textile newspaper, textile fashion weekly and other media also release the dynamic news about Keqiao textile index.

Through the propaganda in multiple media, the website of “China•Keqiao textile index” is highly concerned by buyers and the industry. Now, the average daily hit is above 1500. The social influence is improving.

Improve the index construction, accelerate the development in the depth

Keqiao textile index has a huge number of the raw data in the process of construction. This data makes a good foundation for the research on the influential degree of various factors. In order to better serve the enterprise operators, on the base of the research and analysis, the index forecasts the future trend, the change and the situation of the market. It will be highly concerned by the enterprise operators. In the future, the index office will provide the similar subdivision services by the cooperation with the scientific research and colleges to promote the sustainable and healthy development of Shaoxing’s textile industry.


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