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 China Textile City News
China Textile City News
  Full mobilization, full participation, full effort, China Textile City Construction Management Committee held a work mobilization meeting for the 4th World Cloth Merchants Conference  [2021-10-12]
  Cheer for the Olympics! Keqiao sports fabric innovation upgrading are progress  [2021-08-02]
  World Cloth Merchants Conference won the honor, polished opened high-end gold business card  [2021-06-10]
  Accelerate the agglomeration of printing dyeing industries to create modern industrial clusters  [2021-03-12]
  Digital empowerment, Multi-channel online offline drainage! expands industrial development space  [2021-02-07]
  Explore the "university-learning-enterprise" coordination mechanism to cultivate creative talents textile clothing  [2020-12-17]
  More than 70 creative activities 6 sections, Keqiao Fashion Week shows new vitality  [2020-11-20]
  Multi-dimensional outline the new picture of textile development, the world famous enterprises Roundtable was held Keqiao, Shaoxing  [2020-10-27]
  Keqiao, the City of Textiles, an International Textile Capital  [2020-10-11]
  Brands gather to show new appearance, "Keqiao Curtain Fabric Show" blooms at Intertextile autumn winter home textile exhibition  [2020-09-04]
  Keqiao's first influencer e-commerce base settled Changfa International Fashion Center  [2020-08-14]
   Cultural Innovation enables Keqiao Textile - Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee Publicity Department investigated Changfa International Fashion Center  [2020-07-30]
  Che Jun further affricated the implementation of Textile City Gold Card Shaoxing Research  [2020-05-08]
  New business patterns were released to promote the market Clothing &Accessories Market  [2020-04-03]
  “Fashion everyday” opened up a new model of online service  [2020-03-20]

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