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Warning & Forecast
The summer market turned well front, the quotation increased slightly

The “China • Keqiao Textile Index” 20230410 closed at 106.5 points, 025 % up from the previous quarter flat year-on-year. Recently, textile sales of China Textile City increased. The prices of raw materials and home textiles increased slightly, while grey cloth and apparel fabrics decreased, which pulled the current price index up.
Recently, the price of raw materials has risen with the increase of the national oil price, and the downstream market demand is also gradually opening up for the hot sales of spring and summer varieties. In the coming week, due to the impact of raw material prices, it is expected that the summer market in the gray cloth and fabric market will start in an all-round way, and market transactions will continue to flourish, with a substantial increase in transaction volume and turnover.
Raw materials quotation increased continually    
Recently, with the slight increase in international oil prices and the increase in domestic PX prices, the price of chemical fiber raw materials has risen slightly last week. In the market next week, driven by the downstream demand, the price of chemical fiber raw materials will be supported more strongly, and the market transaction price will continue to rise slightly. The price of cotton and linen yarns will also increase with the hot sales of summer varieties, and weaving manufacturers will further increase their procurement efforts, driving up the overall price of light textile raw materials.
Grey cloth stocks rebounded slightly    
With the slight increase in the price of upstream raw materials and the expectation that it will continue to rise in the later period, the gray cloth market, mainly the turnover of chemical fiber gray cloth, has gradually increased. It can be expected that with the strengthening of raw material prices and the improvement of downstream consumer demand, the market for chemical fiber gray cloth will further rise. In the recent market, the transaction volume of some new varieties has changed. The new products sold in small batches in the early stage have gradually been favored by merchants, and the transaction volume of varieties has gradually increased, driving the overall increase in the gray cloth market.
Fabrics of summer market increased
Recently, the flow of merchants entering the market to purchase fabrics in China Textile City has increased significantly, and some old merchants' pick-up orders continue to be delivered in stores in various markets. In the next week, with the opening of the summer market, the China Textile City market will experience a slight increase, and the shipments will have a small peak. In particular, some innovative thin summer fabrics have been gradually accepted by the market and become the main products in many market stores, which will drive the fabric market to strengthen next week.
Sales of home textiles increased
Recently, the price of home textile products in the China Textile City market has risen slightly, and the home textile market has also begun to turn from cold to hot. This is mainly due to the gradual liberalization of downstream consumer demand and the benefits brought about by the two factors of early preparations for summer consumption. In the next week, the demand for summer home textile products will continue, and the purchase orders of downstream home textile enterprises will continue to increase, driving the home textile market to continue to rise.
Clothing accessories market increase
Recently, the sales of clothing accessories market have increased slightly. With the increasing demand for spring and summer clothing accessories, the marketing pattern of accessories market in China Textile City has been fully opened, and the sales of accessories varieties in China Textile City market have increased significantly. In the coming week, as the demand for summer accessories continues to strengthen, the scale of spot transactions and order delivery in market stores will increase slightly, which will drive the market for accessories to improve.

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