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Warning & Forecast
Respond to pressure with peace of mind, product innovation to promote exports

The 202303 foreign trade prosperity index “China • Keqiao Textile Index” closed at 660.49 points, decreased by 7.96% MOM; Foreign trade index closed at 173.36points, increased by 7.00% MOM.
This month, the trade friction increased the international demands, which pulled the foreign trade prosperity up. The industrial upgrading improved the productions and innovation brought profit to enterprises, which pulled the foreign trade price index up.  
Intense competition weakens foreign trade boom
In March, the export market of textiles increased; many foreign trade enterprises completed orders, but not many orders for autumn products. It forced foreign trade producers to reduce their existing production scale and production capacity. It is expected that, under the downturn in export demand, the existing production scale will gradually decrease, and the production prosperity index will edge down.
The smooth operation of foreign trade in June has eased the market for foreign trade production enterprises at the beginning of the year. However, some production enterprises above the scale have reduced their production scale in July, and their production capacity has been weakened and they are in a marketing trough. In Oct., with the market demand turning to the autumn new varieties of fabrics, many foreign trade production companies have done a good job of preparing for the autumn varieties, laying a solid foundation for the characteristics of the production process and marketing channels for the autumn varieties, and updating the sample style at any time as the contract changes. Adapt to the needs of the international market. It can be expected that during the month of September, the indicator of the growth of foreign trade production will be slowly increased under the joint impetus of production companies.
Product innovation improves foreign trade prices
    Recently, there are signs of slight appreciation of RMB and foreign exchange in the international market. Textile foreign trade companies have to pay attention to the possibility of future RMB appreciation in the process of undertaking international orders, resulting in high quotations in the international market and thinning profits of foreign trade companies. The operating costs of domestic and foreign trade production enterprises are constantly increasing, especially the improvement of workers' treatment, and market enterprises are facing a situation of unprofitable operation. At the same time, before the large-scale sales of high-end innovative fabrics, the market has invested a lot in research and development, and the independent support of production enterprises lacks follow-up support. It is estimated that in April, foreign trade innovative products will gradually increase, and the international market demand will gradually open up, driving the foreign trade price index to increase slightly.

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