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Warning & Forecast
International Market is Steady Export Rises.

Export Boom Index of Keqiao’s textile in December was 792.80, up 2.07% from the prior month. Export FC Index was 175.68, up 2.45% from the prior month. Enterprises make groups to seek orders abroad and expand international markets in this month, so Export Boom Index rises; Textile enterprises make efforts in product research and development and export profits continue to increase, so Export FC Index rises.
Domestic and foreign economic environment was still stable and the export growth of textile export enterprises increased slightly, so the foreign trade market improved in December. Some merchants will gradually return from the holiday in January, and export enterprises will further strengthen the research and development of new products. Innovative products are the best way to attract new merchants. In the coming month, the foreign trade market will be dominated by the export of some innovative products, and the research and development of new textile products will be strengthened which will make Export Boom Index and Export FC Index rise.
International market is steady and export rises.
Foreign trade demand will increase in January with the gradual return of merchants, but the changes in the international market will make manufacturers not be easy. In terms of export products, new varieties increase while old varieties decrease with the attention of merchants gradually turning from winter fabrics to spring varieties. Foreign trade enterprises are about to stop production in the Spring Festival holiday.
The market is not good, so many domestic textile enterprises will stop production and overhaul the equipment in advance, which makes many export enterprises feel stressful in January. In addition, export enterprises have to bear the risk of exchange rate due to the changeable market exchange rate in December. Domestic textile export enterprises will encounter difficulties in January Under various risks and pressures. Textile enterprises must reduce operating costs, develop high-end products, and set up a layout of multi-variety and small-batch pattern in advance in order to improve the enterprise.
Export price rises because of new products.
Export of spring varieties in the foreign trade market will maintain a good trend In January. New spring products gradually replace the dominant position of winter products in foreign trade export, and the export of high-grade thin fabrics gradually occupy the European and American markets, which makes Export FC Index show a rising trend.
Orders of winter fabrics reduce until they disappear and innovative fabrics begin to be favored because European and American merchants begin to place orders of the new year. Foreign trade companies in China Textile City have taken out the latest spring fabrics for customers to choose and buy. Export orders of low-grade spring fabrics increase sharply and high-grade spring fabrics need to be recognized by international merchants, so it is expected to be significantly improved after the end of the holiday.

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