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Warning & Forecast
Market fluctuations prosperity declined

The prosperity index of December 2022 closed at 1115.95 points, 3.71% lower than that of last period. This month, the sales of textile markets fell month-on-month, the textile circulation market fell, the orders of printing and dyeing enterprises shrank month-on-month, and the output of textiles fell month-on-month, which led to a slight decline in the overall prosperity index for this period.
 The market entered January, and it was not far from the closure of the textile market. Before the end of the year, increase sales as much as possible, speed up payment collection, and reduce product inventory became the main business content of merchants in the textile city market. Of course, most of the merchants have begun to plan for next year's work. As the winter and spring seasons are about to enter the replacement, the research and development of innovative products of some merchants has also entered a climax stage. In addition, textile production enterprises are also facing the pressure of production conversion, coupled with environmental protection, energy saving and other requirements, the cost pressure of enterprises is increasing, and the innovation of enterprises needs to be continuously improved, so as to drive the overall prosperity index in January to rise slightly.
Market fluctuations and prosperity declined
Although the winter sales of textiles in the last month of this year came to an end, some orders still continued in January. However, with the promotion of the early spring product market at the end of last month, the market in China Textile City is about to enter a period of change. During this period, most business operators started preparations for clearing inventory and reducing credit accounts. The main reason is that they did not have enough information on the short-term market conditions before the year, so they reduced cost investment, and hoped that the market could start again after the year.
 Near the end of the year, China Textile City is not far from the market closure, and the market has gradually become thinner. In the coming week, due to the year-end settlement and the increase of various expenses, market operators will face the problem of tight funds. The main purpose of recent market sales is to reduce inventory as much as possible and quickly withdraw funds. At the same time, for the short-term market transactions before the end of the year, most business operators expressed that it was difficult to accept orders, and they prepared to close their doors in advance. The sales prices of various fabrics in the market will be significantly reduced, the number of market orders will basically end, and the increase in the number of spot purchases will not be too much.
Accelerate production enterprises to increase production capacity
Before the end of the year, with the reduction of market circulation and reduction of foreign trade orders, the production prosperity index of textile enterprises around China Textile City dropped significantly. The gradual weakening of market procurement has led to an increase in corporate inventories, and the replacement of foreign trade orders has caused more costs in the production process of companies. At the end of the year, textile production enterprises began to gradually reduce their internal and external orders, and turned to a business model that mainly completed existing orders. In the next month, the vast majority of enterprises will speed up the shipment of existing orders and reply to increase the production capacity of enterprises in order to maximize the efficiency of enterprises.
Although in January, the business scale of fabric production enterprises still expanded and improved, but other textile enterprises such as raw materials, gray cloth, and home textiles began to gradually shrink in production and operation in consideration of the off-season at the end of the year. Many fabric manufacturers are preparing for the last few orders at the end of the year, but the busyness will not be lower than that of December. As the end of the year draws near, capital turnover will be the biggest test facing enterprises. Although there is national policy support, it still needs the strength of the enterprise itself to solve the problem. The rapid warming up of the market this year has enabled the vast majority of enterprises to obtain a large number of business opportunities. In the coming new year, enterprises are more optimistic about market expectations and hope to show their strengths.

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