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International Markets are Explored with an Effort

Boom Index of Foreign Trade in December was 792.80, up 2. 07% from the prior month, Price Index of Foreign Trade in December was 175.68, up 2. 45% from the prior month,
and Faith Index of Foreign Trade in December was 995. 04, up 0. 33% from the prior month.
Textile clothing exports of Keqiao,Shaoxing increased month on month, and textile exports showed a month-on-month growth trend. In December, the international market efforts to expand, export orders increased month on month. In terms of improving production efficiency, industrial digitization, information technology and intelligent construction are particularly important. More and more textile and garment enterprises have begun to pay attention to digital management, which has achieved obvious results. Second, local governments are devising policies to help companies go overseas. With the adjustment of the domestic epidemic prevention policy, Shaoxing part of the standard model of the foreign trade orders increased. Keqiao District Bureau of Economy and Information Technology in order to help textile printing and dyeing enterprises improve quality and efficiency, they will further pay close attention to the change trend of leading indicators such as electricity, pollution, gas supply, and accurately grasp the operation of enterprises' opening and resumption of work time, orders, labor, investment and expectations. In keeping with the requirements of stabilizing enterprise confidence and stabilizing industrial restructuring, we will strengthen the reserve of policies of "opening a stable door and getting off to a good start" in the industrial economy, and carry out a series of enterprise-based services such as helping to share pro-enterprise policies, solving enterprise demands, promoting production safety, and promoting business environment. We will take precise measures to keep jobs stable before the holiday and resume work and production after the holiday, so as to truly ensure that "enterprises have needs and services are at their side". We did our best to ensure steady progress and improve the quality of the economy, and made adequate preparations for a good government performance this year and a good start next year. In December, compared with November, foreign trade orders increased, demand increased, export orders increased and export prices of innovative products increased. Foreign trade climate index rose on a monthly basis, and the foreign trade price index rose on a monthly basis.
Firstly, demand of overseas market increased, and the Boom Index of Foreign Trade rose month on month.
Boom Index of Foreign Trade Textile Enterprises in Keqiao, Shaoxing rose in December. Foreign trade orders of textile enterprises in Keqiao increased. Boom Index of Foreign Trade of cotton and blended fabrics was 1071.80, up 14. 39% from the prior month. Boom Index of Foreign Trade of chemical fiber filament was 569.97, up 0.21% from the prior month. Boom Index of Foreign Trade of curtains was 1730.11, up 16.08% from the prior month. So Boom Index of Foreign Trade rose.
1. Efforts have been made to expand the international market, and orders of the Belt and Road Initiative have increased. Keqiao textile products are popular in "One Belt and One Road" countries, which is first of all inseparable from the quality of local entrepreneurs daring to fight. With the "four thousand spirit" of going through all kinds of hardships, saying thousands of words, going through thousands of mountains and rivers, trying to do everything possible, Keqiao textile people every step of the way is very solid. Active development of the international market, some enterprises every year to try to go to more than 10 countries to visit customers, business footsteps throughout the world. Despite the impact of the epidemic, I still sought opportunities to visit Turkey and other countries this year to learn about the first-tier market conditions. In Keqiao textile industry, we have a consensus: to achieve the goal of "cloth" the world, entrepreneurs must first do "step" the world.The Fifth World Textile Conference opened to integrate the global textile industry chain. Affected by the official effect of the "Xinjiang Related Act" in the United States, the growth rate of garment export slowed down significantly, especially the export of cotton clothing to the United States showed a double-digit decline. The growth rate of major garment export provinces and cities slowed down slightly, and the decline of garment export in Guangdong deepened. China's top five garment exporting provinces, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong and Fujian, together completed garment exports down from the same period in 2021.
2. Export orders increased, and the operation of enterprises became better. Keqiao fully implements the provincial and municipal decisions and arrangements, focuses on the overall goal of "boosting confidence, boosting vitality, stabilizing production and stabilizing growth", and organizes cadres at all levels to inquire about the needs and solve problems of enterprises in accordance with the requirements of "full coverage of enterprise visits, tracking and coordinating the whole process, and serving the whole cycle of enterprises". Focus on the enterprise before the Spring Festival production and operation situation, staff stay and return to work situation, order market development situation, project construction and investment intention to make an in-depth understanding. With favorable policies and various measures taken by relevant departments to benefit enterprises, recently, export orders of textile printing and dyeing enterprises in Keqiao District have been improved, production capacity has been improved, the pressure of enterprise management has been relieved, and the operation trend has been positive. Business operators are generally full of confidence that the economic situation will be better next year.
3. Go abroad by groups for looking for orders. Recently, foreign trade enterprises set off a round of groups to go to sea looking for orders of the upsurge, Shaoxing a foreign trade textile enterprise to seize the opportunity to "go to sea" to explore the market. Early action, good results. Xia Yanhong is the person in charge of a foreign trade textile enterprise. At this time, she was busy receiving foreign merchants and communicating with foreign salesmen online. In half a day, she finalized an order of 3.2 million US dollars. Not long ago, Zhejiang Province launched the "thousands of delegations and thousands of enterprises to expand the market single action", arranging business charter flights and regular air routes to provide convenience for enterprises to go overseas. Shaoxing is organizing 150 youth league groups and nearly 1,000 enterprises to attend overseas exhibitions and negotiate business deals.
4. Export orders increased month-on-month by relying on the local market. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, textile and garment enterprises, which have long paid attention to the global layout, have maintained orders during the epidemic period by setting up overseas offices and selling companies. With the gradual relaxation of epidemic prevention and control, export orders have increased month-on-month. The main export markets of the fabric products produced by some regular model spinning enterprises in Keqiao District of Shaoxing City are Europe and America, Central and South America, Southeast Asia and Africa. Over the years, relying on the local fabric wholesale market, the opening of sales points, export orders growth.
Secondly, the price of export products rises, and Price Index of Foreign Trade rises.
Price Index of Foreign Trade rose in December. Price Index of Foreign Trade of curtains was 198.50, up 3.32% from the prior month. Price Index of coated textiles was 103.64, up 3.64% from the prior month. So Price Index of Foreign Trade rose.
1. Development products to make export sales grow. Looking for overseas orders, only hard work is not enough, to talk about the product. During the epidemic period, the company has been carrying out product research and development innovation. When a textile company in Shaoxing came up with a renewable and environmentally friendly product made of corn stalks, foreign businessmen were very popular. Through field investigation, they also grasped the new trend of the international textile market in time, locked in the hot new products of the next season, and organized a team to conduct research and development and production of new fabrics in the first time. Due to the growth of export sales, pull the total price index of foreign trade rose.
2. Government cooperated with enterprises, and they flied to Europe and Japan for orders. In early December, the government and enterprises joined forces to charter flights to Europe and Japan to grab orders, and Zhejiang enterprises to participate in the Asian Textile and Clothing Exhibition (AFF) in Japan. Among them, 35 Shaoxing enterprises in the form of regional group to participate in the current Japan AFF exhibition, preliminary statistics, the first day (December 7) intention turnover of about $2,803,500. We effectively maintained and succeeded a number of old customers and developed a number of new customers. This group of "Zhejiang Order hunting group" not only brought back "real money" orders, but also saw a series of new changes in the international foreign trade market through going abroad to participate in the exhibition for the first time in three years after the epidemic. As a result of the new style of products of foreign trade orders growth, pull the total price index of foreign trade rose.
Thirdly, Forecast of the next Foreign Trade Index. For the export situation in January 2023, it is expected that the export of textiles and clothing will show a month-on-month decline trend. In January, due to the Spring Festival holiday, production enterprises will stop production and have a holiday, and the traditional market will be completely closed. "China · Keqiao Textile Index" will stop issuing one phase. For the export situation in February 2023, demand will remain month-on-month growth will be the main tone. Exports of textiles and clothing are expected to rise month on month in February.
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