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The international market is expanding, the prices sales of foreign trade marketing increases


The foreign trade prosperity index “China • Keqiao Textile Index” of July closed at 1091.73 points, increased by 7.58% MOM; Foreign trade index closed at 182.00 points, increased by 0.04% MOM; Foreign trade confidence index closed at 1005.29 points, decreased by 0.90% MOM. 

In July, the export volume of textiles and clothing in Keqiao reduced from the previous month, and the export of textiles showed a downward trend. Keqiao's foreign trade exports have decreased significantly, showing a recovery growth, which is consistent with the global economic recovery and the continuous improvement of national foreign trade exports. From the perspective of Keqiao, the "good start" of foreign trade exports is also inseparable from the dividends released by a series of stable foreign trade policies and the benefits brought by the rapid resumption of work and production under the call of "New Year in situ". There are some foreign trade export enterprises in Keqiao District, and foreign trade exports hit a record high in a single month. During the Spring Festival this year, the company has many non-local employees staying in Keqiao to celebrate the New Year. Through the non-local employees who stayed in Keqiao for the Chinese New Year and the new employees attracted by the "old and new", many companies this year almost did not need to recruit people, and resumed work and production on the tenth day of the first month. This laid the foundation for the company's booming production and sales in July. In July, the number of foreign trade orders has picked up from January, the international market demand has increased, export orders have increased month-on-month, and the export prices of innovative and creative products have increased month-on-month. As a result, the foreign trade prosperity index of the 20210325 period decreased and the foreign trade price index increased MOM.
The international market demands rebounded, which pulled up the foreign trade prosperity index.
In July, the foreign trade prosperity index increased. The foreign trade prosperity index of chemical filament fabric decreased 8.61%, which pulled up the foreign trade prosperity index.  
1.       The foreign trade orders increased. Foreign trade exports have achieved a "good start", which is a good start for the export trade throughout the year. This year, in order to further stabilize the development of foreign trade and speed up the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade, Keqiao District will expand its services from various aspects, such as improving foreign trade expansion services, responding to international trade risks, accelerating the development of service trade, advancing cross-border e-commerce comprehensive testing, and deepening market procurement pilots. the work. Including increasing encouragement and support for enterprises to explore markets, improve products, prevent risks and apply new models, promote the construction and application of "three seas and three cities" and trade digitalization, implement the "order + list" monitoring and early warning mechanism, and implement export credit insurance Subsidies and government joint guarantee policies for small and micro enterprises under US$3 million, explore the closed loop of the entire export process of “9710” and “9810”, improve the comprehensive market service platform, etc., and strive to achieve “full year red” in foreign trade exports, and run ahead in the leading race "Keqiao Speed".
2.       Foreign trade exports bring new impetus. The two national pilots of cross-border e-commerce and market procurement were promoted in Keqiao, and the guidance and promotion of new trade models and new business formats also brought new impetus to stabilizing exports in the region. The China Textile City Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park has been established as the hub of the cross-border e-commerce industry in Shaoxing and the cross-border e-commerce industry demonstration park in Zhejiang Province. There are more than 270 enterprises in the park. The business volume of cross-border e-commerce enterprises in the park has not decreased but has risen against the trend, ushering in a new era of rapid development of cross-border e-commerce. Cross-border e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, AliExpress, eBay are the main sales channels of most companies, and the sales of finished curtains, pillows and other products have risen sharply during the epidemic. Especially since entering July, China Textile City has seen more than 100 single-day shipment votes in many days of purchasing and trading methods, which has become a new channel for more and more small and medium-sized enterprises to develop foreign trade. As of 12:19 on July 30th, according to relevant data from the China Textile City Internet Information Platform, China Textile City's market procurement trade export transaction volume exceeded 1 billion yuan, and Wang Mou, an individual industrial and commercial household, commissioned Keqiao, Shaoxing City. District Newtex Import and Export Co., Ltd. exports to Algeria. Up to now, the total number of export goods purchased by the market is 1,887, 154,174,800 US dollars, equivalent to 1.01 billion yuan. As the city's only national market procurement trade mode pilot, Keqiao China Textile City has played an important role in the domestic and international double cycle. Since the official launch of the market procurement trade method on December 25, 2020, the export turnover in just three months has exceeded 1 billion yuan, reflecting the huge potential of China Textile City's market procurement trade development. At present, China Textile City's market procurement trade mode pilot has been fully developed, and exports are spread across six continents and 107 countries.
3.       Rapid transformation of some companies.
There are some textile and apparel limited companies in Keqiao District. Foreign customers have been rushing for goods. Some of them are still orders from years ago. However, during this period, the dyeing factory is busy and the delivery speed is slow. After being affected by the epidemic last year, some companies quickly transformed. Some companies successfully shifted the market from Europe to the Middle East, especially the Egyptian market, and quickly opened up the situation, becoming an important boost for this year's "good start". In order to better lay out overseas markets, a young e-commerce team has been introduced, focusing on Alibaba International Station, and plans to use cross-border e-commerce to further promote export trade.
The price of export products rebounded from the previous month, and the foreign trade price index increased
   In July, the foreign trade price index showed a month-on-month upward trend. Among them, the foreign trade price index of chemical fiber filament fabrics rose 18.28% from the previous month; the foreign trade price index of curtains and drapes rose19.61% from the previous month; driving the total foreign trade price index to rise from the previous month.
1.       1. International sea freight has skyrocketed. Since October last year, China’s export ocean freight has soared like a goshawk with two wings. From the initial small increase in India, to South America, the price increase several times during the week to Southeast Asia, and finally it evolved into an increase in the price of the whole route. I believe that foreign trade colleagues have been paying special attention to the topic of rising ocean freight during this period, which has made many related industries feel broken. The price has just been reported to the customer, and the cargo has not been arranged to enter the warehouse, so the shipping company will notify the increase. price. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the global demand for cargo transportation has declined sharply. Major shipping companies have suspended routes, reduced the number of export container voyages, and significantly dismantled idle container ships. Affected by the epidemic, the suspension of production by foreign production companies has not been alleviated for a long time. Looking at the daily updated foreign epidemic reports, the epidemic has not been effectively controlled. Compared with the domestic control of the epidemic, domestic production companies have already resumed production and production. , The proportion of domestic exports of materials has increased significantly, which has caused tight space and increased transportation costs, which has driven the total foreign trade price index to rise month-on-month.
2.       The extension of the downstream industrial chain of Keqiao Textile. Today, Keqiao has formed a fashion system focusing on raw material development, fabric research and development, clothing and home textile design, and self-owned brand cultivation. The industrial chain is complete, but there is still much room for improvement in fashion design, trend leadership, and clothing brand cultivation. . The extension of the downstream industrial chain of Keqiao textile has undertaken the supporting links of the textile and apparel industry from design, trend, intelligent manufacturing, new technology and application, etc., deeply integrated with "Keqiao Fabrics", and weaves for Keqiao fashion industry with creativity and design. A magnificent new picture fully demonstrates the great value of fashion creativity to empower the high-quality development of the industry. The foreign trade price index increased month-on-month.
3.       Integration and innovation have continued to increase the added value of products. With the advancement of science and technology, economic development, especially the rapid advancement of the Internet revolution, the new retail era has risen rapidly, consumers are fully empowered, and consumer characteristics such as individuality, fashion, speed, and originality have become more and more obvious, forcing enterprise integration Innovation, new business formats and new models emerge in an endless stream. The innovation capabilities and international competitiveness of Chinese textile and apparel export enterprises have continued to increase, and the added value of their products and brand influence have been further enhanced. Shaoxing textile and garment enterprises have shown different characteristics in their transformation and upgrading that is, to accelerate the in-depth integration with Internet information technology, and gradually move towards intelligence, branding, high-end, fashion, and internationalization. The traditional manufacturing industry of textiles and garments is changing. Body fashion industry. The Internet has given birth to the transformation and upgrading of the textile and apparel industry, rejuvenating enterprises, and driving the foreign trade price index to rise from the previous month. A large number of leading textile and apparel foreign trade enterprises explore new business models and models of foreign trade, and have achieved rapid development in new business models and models such as cross-border e-commerce, market procurement trade, and comprehensive foreign trade services, and the cultivation of new foreign trade momentum has achieved initial results. The total price index of foreign trade increased month-on-month.
4.       Keqiao's local textile enterprises have changed with the trend. Facing the continuous adjustment and reconstruction of the global textile industry structure, Keqiao's local textile companies are also changing with the trend. Some export textile companies actively expand to Southeast Asia in addition to the original European, American, Turkish and other markets, which has brought a certain amount of growth. Deeply cultivate the Southeast Asian market, seize more market shares with cost-effective products, and continuously improve its R&D and innovation capabilities and product stability. The enthusiasm of the e-commerce platform is high. The local e-commerce platform Global Textile Network and China Textile City will lead local textile enterprises to explore overseas markets as the platform's recent focus. The foreign trade price index increased month-on-month.
Forecast of foreign trade index in the next period.
Regarding the export situation in 2021, it is expected that textile and apparel exports will show a trend of increasing month-on-month. 2021 China Shaoxing Keqiao International Textiles and Accessories Expo (spring) will be held at the China Textile City International Convention and Exhibition Center from May 6 to 8. With the help of the textile expo, foreign trade orders will increase. It is expected that although exports will continue to grow in the second quarter of this year, the growth rate will return to a normal level, and the export of bulk commodities such as textiles and clothing will continue to achieve recovery growth. Shaoxing Keqiao Textile Enterprise has built an "Internet + Foreign Trade" platform, cross-border e-commerce has opened a "fast track" of contrarian growth, and jointly built a foreign trade ecosystem. Textile trade will also usher in new development opportunities.
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