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 Warning & Forecast
 Price Trend
Warning & Forecast
  The market quotation decreased, hot-season will be delayed.  [2019-08-16]
  The market quotation turned well due to the increasing demands  [2019-08-01]
  Off-season kept the market quotation low condition  [2019-08-01]
  Off-season decreased the expect of suppliers  [2019-07-23]
  Off-season continued, the new products changed  [2019-07-22]
  Off-season continued the new products increased.  [2019-07-05]
  Off-season began the market quotation decreased.  [2019-07-04]
  Prices of raw materials continued to decrease the market quotation is still low condition.  [2019-06-24]
  Prices of raw materials decreased as well as prices of fabrics  [2019-06-17]
  Prices of raw materials decreased while summer fabrics increased.  [2019-06-12]
  Off-season is coming sales of market decreased  [2019-06-10]
  Lack of demands contained the market rebound, products replacement made the quotation up down  [2019-06-04]
  Orders from market increased the upstream still need to be concerned.  [2019-06-03]
  Prices of raw materials partially decreased, while turnover of fabrics increased  [2019-05-16]
  The quotation of market rebounded price index increased  [2019-04-29]

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