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 Warning & Forecast
 Price Trend
  Polyester Raw Material Market Rebounds after Touching the Bottom,Trade Volume on Polyester Fabrics is Scaling Back  [2008-11-11]
  Sales Went Weakly, Price Index Declined  [2008-11-10]
  Trade on Autumn and Winter Polyester Spandex Stretch Fabrics Rebound Slightly in Autumn  [2008-11-05]
  Trade on Curtain and Curtain Gauzes Slide Down, Partial Fabrics in Novel Patterns Start to Sell Well  [2008-11-05]
  Sales on Pure Cotton Fabrics Goes Smoothly, Trade Volume on Novel Fabrics Rise Up  [2008-11-05]
  Autumn and Winter Mixed Color Matt Long Fiber 4-way Stretch Linen Highlights Again on Marketing  [2008-11-05]
  Sales Volume in Autumn Continued to Shrink, Sliding Down Obviously in the Price Index  [2008-11-03]
  Novel Fabrics Output Increased, Prosperity Index Climbed Up in a Narrow Range  [2008-11-03]
  Financial Crisis Affected Export, Price and Volume of the Whole Foreign Trade Dropped Down  [2008-11-03]
  Trade on T/C Fabric Rose Up Slowly, Fabrics in Original Patterns Partially Sold Actively  [2008-10-31]
  230T Taslon Sells Well in Some Areas  [2008-10-30]
  Sales Volume on Pure Cotton Fabrics Shrank, A Weak Demand on Pure Cotton Material  [2008-10-30]
  Lining Trade Declined Slightly, Halt and Smoothness Appeared Alternatively in the Whole Sales  [2008-10-30]
  Autumn Sales Market Adjust with Shrinking Volume, Price Index Slide Down Slightly  [2008-10-27]
  Curtain Market Rise Up Slowly, Sales Volume on Curtain Gauze Slide Slightly  [2008-10-22]

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